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Sounds of the Chakras is a deep sound healing practice. We are a heart centered community utilizing ancient esoteric Tantric practices for connecting with higher consciousness, accessing wisdom and healing through Sanskrit sounds of the chakras.


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Let Go Forgiveness MeditationLinda Go
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Let Go Meditation <> Ho'oponopono Prayer adaptation

There are Six forces at work in my Let Go meditation:

  1. taking and/or claiming responsibility through repentance

  2. asking for forgiveness

  3. granting forgiveness

  4. gratitude for ( lessons learned?or?)

  5. love

  6. saying good-bye to the story/ even

These are reflected in the six phrases that make up Let Go Meditation prayer.

The phrases have a FOR...extension that allows us to empty out what makes up the contents of our grievance or story of unforgivable conduct etc.

You can follow the meditation in this order, silently to yourself or out loud. Close your eyes and picture the person you want to forgive you or need to forgive to move on in your life

or look at a photo of person if you have one. Say each phrase and move into the feeling of what it means. You may need to write it down first and go over it many times until it feels like it has a life force behind your voicing these statements.

  1. I am sorry (for...).

  2. (Please) Forgive me (for..).

  3. I forgive you ( for..)

  4. Thank you (for...).

  5. I love you (for...).

  6. 5. Good-bye

It’s natural to resist this practice at first, especially if you've got a lot of healing to do. I was! I could not understand why I had to forgive someone who, 6 months prior, for no apparent reason I could figure out, stopped speaking to me . They no longer texted or called, nor returned my calls. Regardless how many times I left messages for an explanation they were silent. This made me confused, angry and sad.

Now to apply this meditation practice using this person brought up that huge resistance again. I had to own responsibility for this and that was a huge issue for me at the time. I resented having to do the practice and that was what made me “see”I had to forgive myself first. I was feeling guilty. What did I do to deserve this treatment?

After writing it out and contemplating on the phrases I surrendered my resistance.What did I have to lose? Just the righteous complaint of being wronged? The victim story? Innocent party/bystander? I then visualized this person and said the 6 phrases with much feeling in my heart. I felt our sameness in the situation, our resistance, our guilt and fear of being rejected , not loved. I also felt my love for them more present and powerful than any of the other feelings I had stood behind and that is how I came to forgive.

And then a miracle happened after I did the meditation! After 6 months of silence, the person in question, texted me that same day. Within a week, we were speaking once again. We met in person and eventually had a conversation regarding the 6 month silent treatment, and resolved to communicate with more honesty and love.

Most people who use this Let Go Visualization meditation feel better right away. I trust you will feel forgiveness evolution like a slow melt into love, too.

This prayer has a lot of power in it.


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